「Steam」: a solo exhibition by Nguyen Thu Ha
sponsored by BEPPU PROJECT 1
cosponsored by JENESYS programme 2

“Steam” is the title of a latest art installation by Nguyen Thu Ha, a contemporary Vietnamese visual artist. Inspired by the tranquility of Beppu city with its renowned onsen (hot springs), Ha has converted an old historical theatre at the heart of Beppu into a “steam place” where people can come and enjoy pure calmness.

The artist is currently working in a 7 weeks residency programme in Beppu, Japan through JENESYS programme.

Exhibition information:

Open studio: 13/8 to 16/8 from 13h00 until 17h00. Open party: 17/8 at 19h00.
Exhibition: 17/8 to 04/9 except Tuesdays. Opening time: 12:00-19:00 (final entrance 18:30). Free admission.
Venue: Eikyu Beppu Theater (1-1-12 Kitahama Beppu-city, Oita, JAPAN)

1. JENESYS Programme
This programme aims to invite 20 young and emerging artists, designers, and people in the creative field from 13 Asia Pacific countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, India, Australia, New Zealand) every year, to stay in different residency programs and institutions across Japan.

NPO BEPPU PROJECT is an art NPO which has produced various projects such as presentation and educational spread of Contemporary Art, encouraging the Art talents, publishing and renovation project of the vacant shops to alternative spaces called “platform” with aiming to create the world which is full of possibilities.